Coaching Works

We know that coaching only works if you or those around you see feel and hear a difference. This might be in the delivery of results, the way you approach or build relationships, your level of motivation and how that is projected, your confidence, increased interpersonal skills or perhaps how you lead or manage your team.


As an individual some of the many benefits coaching can bring are:

Identification of core competencies or strengths and how to capitalise on these

Development of interpersonal and communication skills

Improved relationship/stakeholder management – building and cultivating positive relationships

Increased motivation and confidence

Clarity around career options/choices or role transition

Development of leadership or management skills

Greater sense and fulfilment of work/life balance

Discovery of new ways to deal with ‘old’ challenges

Catalyst for personal transformation or growth

Improved personal organisation or structure


As an organisation coaching can have a dynamic effect in many ways:

See a positive impact on personal performance, employee engagement and ultimately customer retention/satisfaction

Encourage development; prepare future leaders which in turn supports succession planning

Aid the management and implementation of organisational change

Develop effective team delivery and relationship management

Help align management behaviours to core values and competencies

Support organisational culture that values learning and continuous improvement

Address specific problems or issues

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“Working with Sharon was a hugely productive and enjoyable experience. She is utterly professional while remaining warm, empathic and practical. I think she is an excellent executive coach, and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and colleagues.”