Your role

As a fitness instructor/personal trainer your role includes designing and implementing exercise programmes for a range of individuals by collecting and analysing client information. The aim is to create an effective personal exercise programme that meets a client’s needs and supports their individual goals. As a personal trainer or health professional you should also actively encourage potential clients/members to subscribe to an all-round healthy lifestyle by employing appropriate motivational strategies.

An effective fitness instructor or personal trainer combines technical knowledge with great interpersonal skills such as communication, active listening, persuasion, etc. Confident and professional interaction with clients and potential clients is key to growing a successful business and maintaining a client base.

Presence - Authority - Impact

Targeted Fitness Industry Coaching can help you sharpen your interpersonal skills, perfect your goal setting techniques and develop your presence, authority and impact as a successful trainer/business owner.


Targeted Fitness Industry Coaching can specifically address:

How you proactively interact, build rapport and develop positive relationships with clients in order to facilitate client retention

How you communicate with clients including actively listening, questioning and understanding their needs

How to identify, agree, set and review SMART goals and targets

How to monitor and evaluate progress of your programme including providing feedback

How to develop and apply strategies to motivate clients to join and adhere to an exercise programme

How to promote yourself and act as a positive role model for clients

How to build new relationships, network and pursue leads

How to manage your time more effectively

How to help clients identify barriers that may be preventing them from achieving their goals

How to market yourself, your skills and strengths

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