"The coaching I received from Sharon was first class..."

"..and I am still reaping the benefits six months on. Sharon was friendly, open and very easy to talk to, and I really got the impression that she was entirely focussed on me and my needs. She helped me to identify what was important to me and what I needed to do to achieve that, but she also wasn’t afraid to challenge the reality of some of my personal objectives. What I was left with was a set of specific and achievable goals, some of which I have already achieved, and others on which I am making good progress. I would whole heartedly recommend Sharon as a coach for anyone who was looking for support and direction in their working life!"
Charlotte Gould, Associate Director, Willis Re


"Sharon's coaching sessions were invaluable in enabling me to clearly identify my personal and professional performance goals..."

"...exploring various means of achieving them and drawing out innovative methods of overcoming the many barriers to achieving business success. Her coaching and advice was pragmatic and simply structured, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking to bring clarity to their immediate or longer term career priorities."
Tom Bishop, Head of Travel Insurance, Direct Line Group


"I worked with Sharon following an internal promotion with the key objective being to maximise my leadership effectiveness..."

...The tools and techniques I learned during my sessions with Sharon have already proved invaluable and will be useful throughout my professional career. Sharon's business experience, professionalism and style are second to none and I would not hesitate in recommending her to friends and colleagues alike."
Katie Lomas, Business Manager, Direct Line Group

"Sharon Millar and I worked together over six sessions in 2012."

"My objectives were to establish a fresh yet relevant positioning, and re-frame what professional success looks like in my ongoing career as an independent marketing strategist. Thanks to her insightful questioning and excellent analytical abilities, we were able to quickly identify some key performance goals, and formulate a plan that felt both inspiring and achievable. Just as importantly, Sharon helped me to understand the measures and behaviours that would indicate progress and ultimately success at achieving my goals. A significant part of our work together used 'real-world' scenarios, to help me prepare for important meetings and presentations."

"Working with Sharon was a hugely productive and enjoyable experience. She is utterly professional while remaining warm, empathic and practical. I think she is an excellent executive coach, and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and colleagues."
Anoop Parikh, Brand & Content Strategy,


"The experience of coaching was both enlightening and challenging."

"Sharon’s focused style was inspirational and helped me find direction for key business issues. Even in the most challenging topics I found great confidence and reassurance arriving at solutions with Sharon harnessing thoughts and ideas coming from me. The sessions were thought provoking and helped me understand where my strengths lie and what I may need to do differently. I had no idea how valuable and powerful coaching could be until I experienced it and thoroughly recommend Sharon to anyone seeking to develop their business and themselves."
Klaus Steed, Director,
The Southbank Club
(London’s Largest Squash & Fitness Club)